About Me

Hi, I'm Cailey.

I am an artist. I'm on a mission to tell stories with everything I create. Here, you'll find what inspires me to create, you'll find the stories behind my art, and you'll see what I feel most passionate about.

I enjoy working with a variety of media, and I dabble in painting, film-making, digital and graphic arts, printmaking, textile arts, and sculpting. But, my favorites are pencil and charcoal drawing, and collage. I also have a Canon DSLR which I dearly love, though I certainly don't use it to its full potential. As for writing, I mostly write poetry, but someday I plan to write the next great American novel.

I live in Cincinnati, Ohio, which I believe is a darling city, and one which I fall deeper in love with every day. When I'm not drawing or writing, you can usually find me making myself at home in a coffee shop. I'll be the one shamelessly snapping pictures of my latte and whatever book I'm currently reading (and putting the pictures on Instagram).

I've believed in the power of art as long as I can remember, but I started seriously developing my skills in high school. I finally started this blog right after I graduated high school, and what an adventure life has been since then!

I got my Bachelor of Arts in English, but ask anyone from my small university and they'll tell you I basically created my own double major in fine art, as well. I've had the privilege of doing several talks on art as a form of worship, a subject I get very excited about. I've had several poems published, most recently in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing and The Healing Muse. I also recently self-published my first poetry chapbook, Stars & Seas, exploring anxiety, depression, and faith. I've exhibited my art several times, including a showcase with RAW:Columbus in March, 2015. I've also won a few local awards, the first of which was a coloring contest at a restaurant when I was 5 years old. Unfortunately, I grew out of the t-shirt prize.

My goal is to combine my skills in creative expression with my formal education in communication to begin a campaign for hope, via social media, blogging, and art events. If you think the arts have the power to express the deepest of emotions, break through the stigma of mental illness, and bring hope to broken people and places, then you and I will probably find a lot to talk about. So take a look around my blog and then get in touch with me! I'd really love to hear your story.