Monday, June 30, 2014

Kite Girl

One of the first really nice days this spring, I took my sketchbook outside and sat by "the quad" on my college campus (you know, the big open space that so many colleges call "the quad' in an attempt to be unique and different and hip). Three guys were out flying kites. It may sound silly, but when I passed them I thanked them for flying their kites, because it made my heart so happy. They said that was one of the best compliments they'd ever received. We talked for a moment, and I left them to their fun. That afternoon, I sketched the silhouette girl flying seven kites, and the sixth silhouette drawing was born.

Kite Girl

Later on, I decided I couldn't leave her with just seven kites, so I added sixty more. No big deal.

To the three guys flying kites: if by chance you should ever read this, thank you for gladdening my heart and inspiring my art! This is dedicated to you.

To the rest of the world: if you see someone doing something that makes your heart happy, tell them so! Having a smile in your heart doesn't do anything for the world unless it's shared, and the best way to share it is to tell others that you appreciate them. Even if it's something as simple as flying a kite, those day-brightening actions should be acknowledged, because who knows how much your words could, in turn, bring joy to the heart of another. It's the little things, folks. Work with me.

On another note, I love mixing media and using all kinds of different materials in my work, so I want to point out that I used colored pencils, acrylic paint, permanent markers, and black and white India ink on this.

One last quick thing: I do not (yet) have prints of this item available in my shop, but you can buy a set of three journals featuring it, Lightning Girl, and Tornado Girl, so be sure to check them out!

P.S. Has anything made your heart happy today? Comment and let me know! We all could use the little encouragement.

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