Friday, June 28, 2013

Three Elephants

Art is a really important thing to me. I believe that art is a big part of what makes the world beautiful, and if you've ever had a bad day you know how big a difference something like a beautiful sunset can make. So it wouldn't be stretching things too much to say that I'm in the business of making bad days better, because I like to make beautiful things that inspire joy and love and happiness, and therefore brighten up bad days

I've been coloring pictures all the time since I was a wee one, and I hear that I've also got some talent, besides my years of hard work and practice. So I started selling prints of my drawings, paintings, and photography on Etsy just over a month ago, and since then I've been actively working to promote my shop and get my work out there so people can see it. 

So today I'm going to feature my first Etsy listing, Three Elephants Print.

As I explain in the item description, I drew this piece from some photographs taken at the Cincinnati Zoo back when I was really little. My cousin Jen took me to see an elephant show, because I was (and still am!) a huge fan of the big beloved creatures. There's just something about them that is so majestic and at the same time mischievous and endearing. 

(unfortunately I could not locate any of the photos from that elephant show of my childhood, but here's an elephant picture of mine because one can never have too many pictures of elephants!)

Anyway, I made the drawing early last year, and I worked really hard on it. I used charcoal and soft pastels (also known as chalk pastels, because that's really what they are--glorified chalk) and eventually I decided it was perfect.

And then I heard about an art show in which I could enter two pieces and have them available for purchase. So I went through a whirlwind of framing and determining an appropriate price for a framed 9x12 pastel drawing. And then I had to come with a name. So I named it तीन हाथियों, or "Tīna Hāthiyōṁ" written phonetically. And for those like me who do not read or speak a lick of Hindi, google's translator tool says that means "Three Elephants". 

For Etsy, I decided to simply use the English translation, because I don't think most American buyers would think to look for something titled "Tīna Hāthiyōṁ". Just a thought. 

When I started CaileysArt, I decided that my three elephants would be a great first listing because the piece is done in pastel, one of my artistic fortes, and because it's from such a special early childhood memory of mine. 

And because (like I said earlier) one can never see too many pictures of elephants, here's one last parting gift:


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