Sunday, February 9, 2014

Speechless Sunday: The Vanishing City

I am lucky enough to pass a really beautiful sight every day on my way to and from my college dining hall:

Cincinnati is one of my favorite places in the world, and every day I'm reminded of my love for this city. And being at a Christian college, this sight also serves as a daily reminder for me of the huge mission field just outside of campus.

Sometimes this view is more awe-inspiring than others. Like each evening after dinner, I am simply amazed by the lights of the city. And once in a while I catch it at just the right moment, when everything looks pink or gold because of the sun's angle, and wow, that is amazing.

A few times this winter, this sight has taken my breath away in a different fashion.

Once in a while, my beloved city disappears. 

Maybe it's weird, but this never fails to inspire me. If I walk out after a meal and find my city has vanished in fog, my friends know that suddenly all I want is to sit down and draw. I don't have to draw the city skyline, or anything to do with the city at all; I just have to draw.

So today is my first Speechless Sunday post, where I share the bits of inspiration that leave me speechless and itching for a pencil.


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