Monday, September 1, 2014

See My Journal

At last, some long-awaited photos from my art journal adventure! And what an adventure it has been. Not just from a journal standpoint, but just looking back over the past two weeks. I jumped from a very relaxed summer to a sometimes breakneck speed here at school. Between classes, homework, friends, and work, it's hard to make time for blogging! I have managed to draw quite bit since school started, and I'm in the process of writing a blog post about that. Exciting stuff. But for now, be content with this quick update on my art journal:

So those are a few pages from my journal. I shall continue with this experiment, but I think when I finish I'll go back to my usual style, except for maybe the occasional art page. I enjoy sitting down with my journal and writing everything I can think of, no matter how many pages it takes. It's also a lot more difficult to write in places outside of my dorm room. I'm accustomed to taking my journal everywhere with me, and writing as needed throughout the day, but the need for art supplies prevents that. I miss the freedom. I have to put a lot more thought into what I write and when I write. I can't just pick up a pen and write for pages and pages, because in most cases, the writing should be added after the art-ing.You can't do much painting and gluing on a page already covered in writing. However, it's not all bad. I do enjoy adding color to emphasize feeling, and on that last picture, it was cool to sketch those floating lanterns instead of merely writing about the experience. 

Remember, if you've done any art pages in your journal, snap a picture and share it on my facebook page or add the hashtag #seemyjournal. 


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