Saturday, November 29, 2014

Expanding CaileysArt

Cailey! What is that new blue Storenvy badge on your sidebar, below your Etsy badge?

Great question! My friends, I have just expanded my business and now have a shop at Storenvy. Like Etsy, my shop name is CaileysArt, and if you ask me, it totally rocks.

What is Storenvy?
Like Etsy, Storenvy is an online marketplace consisting of many individual shops. However, it is smaller and less well-known than Etsy. Storenvy works in a very similar way to Etsy; you can browse product categories, or search for a specific item or shop.

Why Storenvy? 
II chose to open a shop at Storenvy for several reasons. First, it is free. While Etsy charges $0.20 for each listing, there is no fee for listing an item on Storenvy. This means that while I'm expanding my selling platform, I'm not creating any extra expenses for myself. As a college student with a minimum-wage job, that's pretty awesome, because twenty cents per listing adds up pretty quickly. Second, as I mentioned above, Storenvy is not as popular as Etsy. While this means less people visit, it also means less competition within the site. I'm hoping this will work to my advantage, but in that sense, it's a big experiment.

Are you closing your Etsy shop?
No, I am not closing my Etsy shop. I intend to stick around Etsy for a long while, never fear! Etsy is my first love when it comes to online marketplaces. And with all the work I've already done to promote myself there, it makes no sense to switch platforms.

Will you sell different items in the two shops? 
Not exactly. At this point, my plan is to only sell journals on Storenvy, but they're the same journals available at Etsy. I am slowly adding items to it, so it won't be long before all the journals I sell on Etsy are also at Storenvy. I may eventually have some items exclusively at Storenvy, but right now, everything available there is also available on Etsy.

So that's it, dear readers. I'm expanding my business without expanding my costs, and that is a fantastic thing. I'm feeling a nice level of realistic optimism about this entire CaileysArt adventure.

Thankful for you, the internet, and the many opportunities to make money on the internet (but mostly thankful for you, my friends!),

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