Tuesday, February 7, 2017

First Impressions with Selling on Redbubble

Silhouette Girl ThumbnailsHey guys! So. I try to avoid posting many business updates, but I fear today is the day. However, It's cool because I'm really excited about this! 

I recently decided to try out Redbubble in the hopes of earning some passive income. You know, the life of a busy college senior.

Redbubble is an artist-driven, print-on-demand shopping site.

 Artists upload designs and select what products to put them on--clothing, household stuff, device cases, etc.--and then adjust pricing to receive anywhere from 10%-30% of the price. From there, Redbubble handles manufacturing, shipping, and customer service. So everything on the site was designed and submitted by an artist, but the artist can upload as many designs as they want, without worrying about completing a hand-made product and shipping it in time.

In the past I tried working with CafePress, another company that does pretty much the same thing. It was the most frustrating thing. I spent hours uploading a few designs, trying to navigate the confusing artist portal, and wading chest-deep in help pages. Then my shop lay stagnant for a year. I was so unhappy with the experience, I didn't even try to promote it!

Last week I was talking with a friend and he suggested taking a look at Redbubble. So I read up on the policies and a few testimonials, and jumped in. Honestly, all the exclamation points in this post are his fault, and I'm not even mad about.

CaileyB Redbubble Profile
My first thought after making my account: Wow, is that really it takes?  How can this be so easy??

Then I upload my first picture. Again, it was so easy! No finicky size requirements, just a clean, quick, and simple upload. It was great.

The great experience continued as a I selected products and arranged my design. It was so simple! On CafePress, I had the worst time trying to select products and make my art actually look good on them...
CaileyB Redbubble Portfolio
But Redbubble was so. Easy. 

There are tons of options for sizing and arranging the design so that you come out with a great product. Do you want the design real big, front and center? Do you want it in a repeating pattern all over? Do you want a colored background? It's all there. So simple, so easy.

With Cafepress, I'd spend an hour trying to get one product line done. On Redbubble, I had my account and profile completed and my first four designs uploaded in just a couple hours. Since then, I've added more designs every chance I get.

I bought a phone case with one of my own designs, because 1) I wanted to see how the buying end looks, 2) I desperately need a case for my phone, and 3) why not?!? I can't wait to see the real product in my hands. It should arrive in a few days, and I'll let you know what I think.

In the meantime, visit my Redbubble Portfolio! I've already uploaded seven Silhouette Girl pieces (most of them aren't even on Etsy!) as well as a bunch of other designs, drawings, and photos. I'm rather proud of my designs and products, I think they look awesome. If I had the money, I'd buy them all for myself. Yeah, shameless plug... but it's my blog, after all.

CaileyB Redbubble Silhouette Girl Collection
 If you're not ready to buy, bookmark my page for future birthday and Christmas gifts, and feel free to share on social media! I'm in charge of promoting my own work, and I'm depending on you guys to help me out, because I love you, you're beautiful, and you're a crack team when it comes to marketing.

And for those of you who read up on Butterfly Girl, don't worry. I'm still giving a percentage from each Butterfly Girl sale to the Deaf Institute. I'm actually donating all my proceeds from the Butterfly Girl line! If you like purple, butterflies, or connecting with the Deaf community, you should check it out.

So yeah. You could say I'm now a bit of a Redbubble fangirl...

See you there!

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