Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Lightning Girl

Here in Cincinnati the forecast for today is scattered thunderstorms, so I've decided it's a good day to talk about "Lightning Girl", the third in my series of silhouettes. It's definitely a return to the power the silhouetted girl shows in the first image. I made it right after Christmas, shortly after my boyfriend and I broke up. No, it's not that I wanted the lightning to strike him! But it did seem right for the girl to once again have control over one of the most powerful forces in the world.

Like "Victorious Night", this drawing is a combination of ink and colored pencil. This was my first time drawing with white ink, and my first time drawing rain like that. I love how the rain and lightning turned out!

I love thunderstorms. I haven't always; as a child, I was terrified of them. But in the past few years I've come to truly enjoy them and look forward to them. I love watching the power and fury rage around me! It always reminds me to be thankful for my warm, dry home.

So though "Lighting Girl" might seem to have some emotional struggles, she's really a reminder of where the power lies. Unlike the girl, I can't control where lightning strikes, and neither can you. But I worship a God who does, and that's a comfort for me.



  1. Hi, I like your lightning girl drawing. The girl stands firm and even enjoys the showering of the storm. She seems powerful. :)