Thursday, June 5, 2014

CaileysArt Update

Hello there, my fantastic readers!

Excuse me while I take a break from my regularly scheduled programming to bring you some exciting news:

Today I'm adding a new type of item to my shop.

What, you ask, could this new item be?

To answer your question, I must tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there was a girl loved to color pictures. She spent all her days coloring pictures of the things she loved. As she grew older, she realized pictures were powerful. She could tell a story or express emotions through the pictures she colored. And along with that discovery, she began to develop a second passion: writing.

She continued to practice drawing, and when high school began she started drawing even more than ever before, but she also started writing more than ever before. Every day, she wrote in her journal. She wrote about the things she did, the people she loved, the places she went. And she wrote the stories and emotions that she drew. Before long, she had a cardboard box full of journals, and an online shop full of pictures.

Then one day, she had an idea. 

The girl took up her art supplies and a needle and thread and created a unique little booklet with one of her own pictures on the cover. Finally, something she could share with others that combined both her passions!

Have you figured it out yet?

That's right: I'll be selling journals!

I worked hard to come up with the best design and materials for these little beauties so that you get a great product without spending a ridiculous amount of money. After lots of experiments and google searches, I'm thrilled with what I've come up with and I'm so excited to combine my passions for art and writing. I hope you're as excited as I am!

These slim journals will be available individually and in sets of two and three, with coordinating covers and thread colors. Each is made from high-quality cardstock and 25% cotton paper, printed with one of my own original drawings or photographs, and hand-bound with colored thread. Filled with twenty pages of blank paper, there's nothing to get in the way of your doodles and fancies, but each comes with a sheet of lined paper you can use as a writing guide (don't be embarrassed, I can't write in a straight line, either!). Just slide it behind the page you're writing on and the lines will show through for you.

They're thin enough to slip into a purse or backpack when you're on the go, and the unique covers will leave your friends green with envy. They're perfect for everyday musings, notes, reminders, lists, ideas, stories, and dreams.

Go check them out at CaileysArt! I'll be adding more journals over time, so be sure to keep an eye on the shop in the coming days and weeks.

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