Saturday, June 14, 2014

3 Reasons to Keep a Diary, No. 1

So you're selling journals now, eh?

Yes, indeed I am. I added the first few journals to my shop just over a week ago, so they're very new.

That's great. Journals. Diaries. That sort of thing. Woo. But... Why should I be interested?

Great question! Why should you be interested in little unwritten books? Here are three great reasons:

1. To keep a record of what's going on in your life. 

I can't tell you how rewarding it is to look back at my old journals and see what I was doing a year ago. Every time I look at my old journals, I'm struck by how much has changed in my life. In June last year, I was trying to decide where to go to college, and I was far too painfully aware that time was running out on that decision. On a happier note, however, I was getting more familiar with the exciting world of Etsy, and that is definitely a plus! 

So much has changed since then, and it's awesome getting to compare my life right now with my life one year ago, two years ago, five years ago. 

2. Relieves Stress

You know that best friend who almost knows you better than you know yourself? You know how great it feels to have a listening ear for you to unload all your problems? If you do, a journal is the next best thing, you know, for those rare times when your bff is unavailable. And if you don't have that best friend, a journal is the next best thing, so you should go unload all your problems on paper immediately, before you explode or something!

The cool thing is, journals never interrupt, judge, or question your logic. Though they won't give you advice, either, unless you happen to be writing in Tom Riddle's diary, but I'm pretty sure Harry Potter destroyed that pretty thoroughly. And if you're looking for advice from Voldemort, you've got problems even a journal can't solve! 

3. Historic Value

One day when our entire civilization is gone and the future archaeologists are digging through our houses and towns, trying to discover who we were and what our lives were like, our ancient journals will be absolutely priceless to them. You're welcome, future archaeologists.

Of course, they probably won't be able to read your handwriting, unless you're like my mom. I know they certainly won't be able to read mine; my handwriting is a messy half-cursive scrawl. I've been told I should have been a doctor, just because of my handwriting. Sorry, future archaeologists!

(These are just some of my journals from over the years!)

I'm not saying you should go out and immediately buy my handmade journals (although I wouldn't complain if you did). I'm saying you should just start writing! in a composition notebook, on post-it notes and napkins, in a moleskine book, or in the most expensive diary money can buy. Write with a cheap ballpoint pen, a pencil, a hot-pink gel pen, your favorite fountain pen, a quill pen, you name it. None of that matters. Just write, because it really does make life deeper, richer, and more rewarding.


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