Tuesday, February 10, 2015

A New Laptop

Super Bowl Sunday, my friends. I'm a college football kind of girl; I care little about the NFL, but I usually enjoy the Super Bowl, if for no other reason than the commercials, the rockin' half-time shows, and the pizza and nachos. But while I like the Seahawks and hate the Patriots, I wasn't watching. I know, it's the biggest football game of the year, and I missed it.


Because for the past year I've been using a seven-year-old laptop given to me by a good friend of mine, and Sunday night I was given a brand-new laptop. 

pink HP Stream laptop

My old laptop was an answer to prayer; it came to me in great condition and at a time when I was trying to keep up with all my responsibilities on a tablet. Needless to say, I had been spending a lot of time using the computers in my college library! But as most seven-year-old laptops do, this one has begun to fade. It still works, but barely. I've been praying about getting a used/refurbished laptop (and the money to afford it!) for a few months now, and, long story short, God has once again answered my prayers in an unexpected (and extravagant!) way.  

I could not be more overwhelmed by this gift. The friend who gave it to me said he'd been told once that the kingdom of God is made up of people helping people. I said that I've never before experienced the kingdom of God in this way. I will never understand God's love, but all I know right now is that my life has been flooded with it and I'm perfectly fine with that. 

People ask me sometimes why I love art so much. I don't know why, other than I guess God wired me that way. Why do I want to make a career of it, when I could pursue any number of other occupations and keep art as a hobby on the side? Because in everything I do, I want to praise God. What better way to praise God than to do that which he's given me a passion for? My friends, I've wondered so many times whether I'm on the right path. And now, though I can't be certain,  I feel like this laptop is God's way of once again confirming my decisions. I can't help but be amazed at his provision in my life. I am truly blessed beyond my comprehension.

I want to tell you about this gift only partially because I want to share life and the ups and downs of art and etsy with you. The other reason is that I want you to understand why I do what I do. Up until now I've made only a few mentions of my faith here. But as much as I love art and journals and writing a blog and all that, I'm not just doing it because it's fun or I want a little extra cash! As much as I love the ability to express my feelings through art, I don't just draw for self-expression. I draw and write because it's my way of praising God. If this confession makes me lose sales or readers or anything else, it's a loss I'll willingly take. 

I heard the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Oh well. Better luck next time, Seattle.

Now my laptop is just over a week old and every day I've found another reason to thank God for his timing in giving me this laptop. It's a week and a half later and I still feel overwhelmed.


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