Friday, March 27, 2015

I Love You a Latte

spilled latteCoffee. It's a drink that has always been a part of my life, though I've still yet to drink a cup of regular drip coffee.

It all started because of my dad.

You see, Dad drinks about as much coffee in a day as health experts say people should drink water.

Okay, maybe not quite that much, but he's been known to drink a whole pot throughout the course of a day. Yes, he's one of those people who makes a pot in the morning and then reheats in the microwave.

Like most people who work at a desk, refilling his coffee is his chance to stretch his legs after sitting in front of a computer for too long.
latte art
So I, being a typical "daddy's girl", grew up dreaming of the day I could enjoy a cup of coffee with my dad. I had this beautiful image in my mind of drinking coffee together and enjoying a quiet early morning.

The problem was, I didn't actually like coffee. I just liked to smell it.

Because of my love for the rich, unmistakable aroma of coffee, I always thought I'd enjoy working in a coffee shop. So when I was hired at the coffee shop on my college campus, I was thrilled!

Of course, I felt rather out of place and unprepared, as I'd never made so much as a pot of coffee at home, let alone drank any more than the occasional sip to see if it still tasted gross.

I'll admit, my first taste of espresso, on my first day at work, was followed by a grimace that made my new boss laugh out loud. But this was my chance to become a coffee drinker!

I love you a latteAs I got the hang of making espresso and steaming milk, I made quite a few lattes.

It was a slow process, starting with sweet single-shot mocha frappes, but I've come to a point where I can enjoy a few sips of black coffee on occasion. I truly love a good latte of cappuccino in the afternoon.

And that's the thing. For me, coffee has always been a something to share with others.

First it was merely smelling my dad's coffee, and now it's become a social activity with my friends and coworkers.

To me, coffee is something to savor and enjoy with others, not a morning wake-up. I drink it for the experience and the flavors, and the enjoyment of the process.

Friends, if you pay close attention, I believe you can taste the care of all the people that have worked so hard to bring that cappuccino to you.

From the farmer to the barista to you, and every pair of hands in between, truly good coffee or espresso is made with love.

In honor of that love, I made this Love it a Latte illustration last night.

I could have drawn this by hand, or used a really great program like Photoshop or Illustrator. But I used the Microsoft Paint program, for two reasons.

The nostalgia is real, folks!
One, like many kids who grew up in middle class America in the '90s and '00s, I had a great love for Paint as a child. I was the queen of that "spray paint" brush! My sister and I used to listen to Adventures in Odyssey online and take turns making Paint masterpieces.

Two, my dad is a computer consultant, so making this a digital art piece felt right. For coffee, something that has been important to me for so long as a small way of bonding with my dad, Paint was the way to go. Though I do think I've come a long way since scribbling masterpieces like the one above.

What's your favorite coffee memory? Or are you more a tea person? Did you ever spend hours playing with Paint? I'd love to hear your stories!

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