Thursday, September 19, 2013

Four Month Party

Yesterday I celebrated my four month birthday (I could say anniversary, but I like birthday better) as an Etsy seller and professional artist. Pretty exciting, right? In these four months I've listed 26 items, had four orders, started a blog (coughcough this one! coughcough), started a business page on Facebook, spent countless hours exploring Etsy and trying to promote my shop without spending money on ads, had over 1,250 shop views and 372 favorites, and a lot of fun.

Normally I'd be sharing some silly thing I colored as a child, but today I just want to celebrate. Yes, a day late, but yesterday I was busy with classes and homework. So what makes a party?




 And maybe some more fireworks.

Have you got a reason to celebrate? Comment and tell me about it! Let's just have a big party on my blog!

p.s. Don't forget, there are just a few days left to use the code WHATSUP4MONTHS and get free shipping on any item in my shop!

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